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Posted by Paul Elliott on May 10, 2013 News | | No comments

Justin Barlow is a machine!

If you check out our Art section you’ll likely either be blown away or kinda blasé assuming there was some PhotoShop trickery going on in the shoot. Take a look, then carry on reading.

All those shots are real. Justin took us out to the Johannesburg City centre early one morning. VERY early. Before traffic was even flowing. We ordered in one hundred balloons in FistFight hues, delivered from Pretoria and prepared for a gruelling wind swept but thoroughly inspiring experience.

The photographers out there will have a hint of how he achieved those shots, but even with that knowledge, you can’t help but be enchanted by the idea, the reality that surrounded us as people began pouring out of taxis in the morning sunrise.

Johannesburg is GORGEOUS when the sun breaks over her. And having all those balloons tugging at us a couple meters off the city streets was incredible!

More of Justin’s work is viewable online.

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