About Us



…is part of the beautiful cultural melting pot that is South Africa, and we love it.

We like to think that some of South Africa’s diversity has rubbed off on us and into our music, which runs from smooth “melting chocolate” jazz, to wild, roaring rock, sometimes within the same song. We aim to continue writing great, colourful songs to perform to audiences around the country and the world.

Who we are:


has been singing since she was just about able to talk. She leads the songs, and boasts a grand vocal range that is something to be heard. We lovingly call her our crown jewel.


Lead guitarist, is our colours man when it comes to lead breaks and creative accents. He’s well-experienced, but not stylistically boxed.


Keyboards, has been creating music for 15 years now. With over 120 songs under his belt, he heads up the FistFight song-writing team, of which each member of the band is an integral part.


is a drummer like no other. Enormously talented, he’s finishing his production qualifications with the premier Grammy Award winning university, Full Sail University, in America.


Bassist, is our music theory master. He can play interweaving contrapuntal basslines, backwards, forwards, in his sleep… you name it.


have played everywhere, from corporate functions, to festivals, to showcase gigs at local clubs and restaurants. Where our vision takes us, we perform!

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